How to Make a Knight's Costume for a Kid's Party

A knight's costume is a new and exciting way to spice up your child's birthday party if he can't get enough of all things medieval 1. Putting together a costume doesn't have to take up all your time or finances, either. Grab some recycling from your bin and a few leftover craft and sewing items, and you're set to create the costume of your child's dreams. The costume is simple enough that your child can get in on the action, helping customize the finished product to his specifications.


Fold one yard of felt in half. Many knights wore red and black, but let your child choose the color that she loves or opt for a hue that matches her party decorations.

Cut a slit down the middle of the felt, leaving a few inches on each side to cover your child's shoulders.

Pull the felt tunic over your child's head and make adjustments as necessary.

Cut tunic decorations from colored felt and adhere them to the tunic with fabric glue. Many knights' tunics are adorned with crosses or an animal, but anything your child loves works too. This could be a robot, a space ship or even just a star or heart.


Sketch a sword shape on a piece of sturdy cardboard with a pencil. An empty pizza box works well.

Decorate the sword using tempura paints and a paintbrush. You can also cut shapes from colored construction paper and glue them to the sword to cut back on the mess created by the project.

Allow the paint or glue to dry before your child uses the sword. This keeps her clothes clean and prevents a mess on your furniture or walls.


Trace the bottom of a pie pan on colored construction paper with a pencil. Use a color to match the costume's tunic and sword.

Cut out the circle of paper along the line.

Glue the circle to the bottom of the pie pan on the inside.

Decorate the shield using paints or construction paper shapes. Allow to dry completely before using.

Stick a small piece of thick elastic to the back of the pie pan with fabric glue or a hot glue gun. This creates a handle so your child can hold his shield during the party.


Have your child wear pants and a T-shirt that match her knight costume. A pair of stretchy gloves also helps complete the costume. Stick feathers to the top of a beanie hat using fabric glue or a hot glue gun, if your child doesn't want to go without a helmet during the party.