How to Make a Kite String Winder

Kids for years have been using just a stick wrapped with string to fly a kite. But when you want your kite to go up into the air hundreds of feet, you really need a better kite winder to help keep the string tangle-free. The good news is it doesn’t take much time, money or effort to make your own homemade kite string winder using a few household and hardware store items.

Place a thick piece of cardboard on a tabletop and, using a ruler and pencil, draw a 4-by-10-inch rectangle. Draw two small V shapes inside the rectangle at both of the short ends of the rectangle, with the apexes pointing inside the rectangle. When you have finished, it should look like you have drawn two triangles mirroring each other inside of the rectangle.

Cut out the rectangle and then the triangles. Discard the triangles.

Glue one dowel onto the cardboard 1 inch down from the apex of one of the V cuts and about 2 inches in from the side. Allow to dry.

Flip the cardboard and dowel over and glue the other dowel 1 inch down from the other V cut and about 2 inches in from the side. Ensure the second dowel is hanging over the opposite long side from the first dowel. Allow to dry.

Glue one end of the string to the center of the cardboard and allow to dry. Wrap the string around and around the cardboard lengthwise. Use the dowels as handles to help you wind and unwind the kite string.

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