How to Make Fancy Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are classic and inexpensive toys that are exciting to create and fly. Light-weight paper is intricately folded to make an aerodynamic design. Fancy paper airplanes have the ability to fly up to 20 feet into the air when thrown. Paper airplanes must be folded carefully for precise flying. Beginner paper airplane makers should practice with basic designs before moving onto fancy paper airplane construction.

Fold down the top right corner of the paper until it becomes flush with the left side of the paper. Crease the fold and then unfold. Repeat with the top left corner to create an “X” crease.

Grasp the top right and left corner and fold down to meet the center of the “X” fold. Create a crease along this horizontal line and unfold.

Fold in the right side of the paper to force the side into the center and the top to collapse downwards. Create a crease but do not unfold. Repeat the fold and crease with the left side of the paper to create a triangle shape.

Pull the top right layer of the triangle over to the left to touch the top point. Repeat with the top left layer of the triangle by pulling it to the right.

Bring the bottom edge of the right side of the triangle up until it becomes parallel to the center line. Repeat this fold with the left side of the triangle.

Push the top of the right triangle underneath the previous fold. Repeat with the left triangle. Grasp the top section of the previous fold and bring it downwards and tuck behind the bottom layer of paper.

Pull the bottom edge of the paper upwards until it meets with the above flap of paper in a lengthwise position. Mark along this lengthwise fold with a pencil.

Cut along the marked line with scissors. Fold the strip of paper that you have just removed from the airplane in half lengthwise to form the tail fin. Create a cut halfway through the width of the tail fin approximately 1 inch from either side.

Fold the cut flap of the tail fin down to meet the bottom of the paper. Repeat with the other half of the paper. Fold the body of the airplane in half to create the wings of the plane.

Insert the tail fins beneath the flap of paper inside the top of the airplane. Fold up the tips of the tail fins to create elevators.