How to Make an Eagle Kite

You’ll watch the eagle soar high in the sky when flying this kite. A child older than the age of 8 could assemble this homemade eagle kite with aid from an adult. Help will be needed for the slit-carving of the support sticks. A kite-themed birthday party could include a kite-making craft session, with all supplies ready and waiting before the party begins. After the birthday cake and ice cream, a breezy day is all that is needed for some high-flying fun.

Make 1/2-inch slits in both ends of both bamboo sticks with a bread knife.

Position the bamboo sticks in a cross formation, with the 20-inch stick placed 10-inches from the top of the 24-inch stick.

Wind the string around the center cross points of the two sticks. Create an “X” and weave the string around and under the crossed center.

Bring the string to the top tip of the long stick and thread the string through the slit. Bring the string around the perimeter of all stick ends, threading the string through the slits to create the kite frame.

Bring the string ball back to the center cross. Wind the string back and under the “X” formation several times and knot securely. Cut string.

Cut the plastic bag at the center and bottom seams to create a large flat piece of plastic.

Position the kite frame over the black plastic. Cut the plastic to the size of the frame, adding 1 inch on each side to create a diamond shape.

Fold the points of the diamond over 1-inch and glue down.

Fold the long edges of the plastic over the string and glue down.

Cut a triangle of white construction paper to measure 5-by-5-by-5 inches and glue it to the top of the kite diamond for the eagle head.

Cut a small orange construction paper triangle to measure 1-by-1-by-1 inch. Glue it to the tip of the kite diamond for the eagle’s beak.

Cut three grey construction paper triangles to measure 5-by-6-by-6 inches. Glue them to the center and bottom of the kite for eagle wings and tail feathers.

Cut a piece of string to measure 24 inches. Tie it securely to the top and bottom tips of the kite frame to make a bridle 1.

Attach the string ball to the bridle 8 inches from the top of the bridle.

Cut a 72-inch piece of string and attach it to the bottom of the kite frame for a kit tail.

Cut the ribbon into 4-inch sections. Tie the ribbon sections to the tail every 5 inches.