How to Make My Child Understand the Importance of Grades

You know the importance of good grades, but motivating your child to work hard in school might prove more challenging. Rather than merely rewarding him for straight As, show your child the short- and long-term benefits of working hard in school. Your support and involvement can go a long way in creating a child that excels in the classroom -- and beyond.

Promote learning outside of the classroom. Go to local cultural events, visit the local library and encourage creativity at home. When your child is learning outside of the classroom, talk about how these experiences can benefit her in school. Look for math lessons at the park or history lessons at the local children's museum. Encouraging "real-life" learning will allow your child to see the benefit of studying and excelling in the classroom 1.

Connect classroom lessons with lessons outside of the classroom. Show your child why learning and doing well in school is important by highlighting the relevance of his classroom lessons. For instance, discuss how the math skills he is learning this year helps him manage his allowance, which will help him save up for that big purchase.

Identify long-term goals and discuss how good grades can help your child achieve those goals. Whether she dreams of attending a prestigious university or a local trade school, explain that institutes of higher learning want students with a well-rounded profile that includes a good academic record.

Celebrate new skills learned in the classroom. When your child perfects his cursive handwriting, let him write notes to his long-distance relatives. Showing him how he can use these new skills in practical ways will encourage attention and success in the classroom.

Set short-term goals and celebrate achievement. If your child struggles in school, she might do well with short-term goals, such as finishing her essay on Thursday night so she can play outside with friends on Friday after school. Setting goals will help her focus her studies and improve her performance in the classroom.

Keep up with his assignments and grades. Your interest in your child's grades will illustrate the importance of learning. Celebrate his successes in the classroom. You can do more than celebrate As; look for improvement and praise your child for making positive changes in his classroom performance.