The Advantages of IQ Tests

Much is made of a person's intelligence quotient (IQ) 1. This number is supposed to determine a level of intelligence that each person posses 1. Almost everyone has, at one time in his life, taken an IQ test. While some critics denounce the use of IQ tests, they actually have many benefits and advantages over other forms of intelligence measure 1.

Testing Behaviors

One of the best things about IQ tests actually has nothing to do with intelligence 1. The test is a very accurate measure of human behavior due to the way the test is set up. The IQ test is one of the best ways to get an overall view of human behavior which can then be analyzed by age, race, and gender. This allows behavioral scientists to study trends in various groups as they take the test. Analyzing the data in this way provides these scientists with insight into how different groups of people learn based on their test results. This insight helps educators to tailor their teaching to get the best results.

Academic Achievement

The IQ test is often given to children at the beginning of their school career as an indication of how well they will do in their educations. The test is used as an indicator that allows school districts and teachers to determine what type of classroom setting to place a child in. A child who scores high on the test may be placed in an advanced learning situation, which will take care of her educational needs. A child who scores low, however, will be able to be placed in a classroom situation that will give her the most benefit. Without this test, children may be placed in classroom not suited for them.

Societal Benefits

Since the IQ tests can identify the potential for academic achievement, schools can begin to develop students in a way that takes advantage of their natural talents. If a child's talents are developed correctly, he has the potential to maximize his skills to be beneficial to society. For instance, if an IQ test shows that the child has some talent in math and science, those interests and talents can be developed to help the child get into a medical, research, or engineering field. This helps a society keep a steady supply of people who can provide benefits, making life better for all of their citizens.

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