How to Make a Fabric Baby Ring Stacker Toy

A good toy can make any baby happy, but keeping your baby safe from potentially toxic or dangerous toys can be difficult 1. It is hard to know what any toy you purchase is really made of; as a parent, you know most of the toys you give your baby will end up in their mouth. A good way to give your baby a toy that is safe and also will help developmental growth is by making a fabric ring stacker toy.

Create Base

Cut a cardboard square 11 inches on all sides.

Cut out two squares on one pattern of fabric 11.5 inches on all sides. Place the two squares with the front of the fabric facing each other and sew together three sides. It will be inside-out, so flip the fabric so the front is on the outside and the seams are on the inside of the square.

Slide your cardboard square into your fabric pocket. Choose the side you want to have as the top, and place some craft fiber filling in-between the cardboard and the top of the fabric pocket so the top of your base is soft and the bottom is firm; it will hold the structure upright.

Sew the last side of your square together, holding in your cardboard square and filling.

Construct Cone

Cut a circle 12 inches in diameter out of the same fabric you covered your base with.

Fold the circle in half so the front of the fabric is facing outwards.

Start at one end of your half circle and roll the fabric to the other end, creating a cone pattern. Sew down the seam from the very top to the bottom of the cone to hold the shape.

Flip your cone upside-down and fill the center with your craft fiber, filling from the top to bottom until the cone is firm and strong enough to hold the rings you will soon be making.

Sew the cone you just constructed onto the square base you previously created. Make sure the base of the cone is centered on the square, and sew all around the edges to be sure your cone is firmly connected to the base.

Assemble Fabric Rings

Take your four remaining colors/patterns of fabric. You will be creating four rings of different sizes, so choose one color for each size.

Cut two 10-inch circles, two 8-inch circles, two 6-inch circles and two 4-inch circles from your fabrics, making sure one set is from each fabric.

Cut a hole in the center of each set of circles. This hole must be the same size and in the same location on both pieces and must be large enough to fit over the cone you created and attached to your base.

Place each set of circles with the outer part of the fabric facing each other and sew together along the outer edges, leaving a 1-inch area unsewed.

Flip your now sewed-together circles so they are no longer inside-out and the correct side of the fabric is facing outward, and sew completely along the inner hole of each set of circles.

Take the rings, which now have only the 1-inch area along the outer seam that is not sewn together, fill them in this area with the craft fiber filling until the ring shapes are fully filled and firm. Sew the 1-inch area shut on each filled ring. Place the rings over the cone and base with the largest ring on the bottom, and your toy is complete.


Do not use the needle near any children to keep them from getting poked with it.

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