How Long Does It Take to Get a Paternity Test?

The time that you spend waiting to find out whether you are or are not the father of a child is nerve racking. In one case, your life can be changed forever. In either case, the child's life will likely be changed forever. Luckily, modern science allows you to get these results fairly quickly.


During a paternity test the father and child are swabbed to get DNA samples. These two DNA samples are then compared against each other to see if there are similarities.


To get a paternity test, you need to have the father and child tested, but it is suggested that the mother be swabbed as well for a definitive answer.

Time Frame

A standard DNA test takes about three days to come back. Of course, this depends on the company that performs the test.

Time Frame

A DNA prenatal test (where blood from the mother is tested to determine paternity) could take five days or more.


You can either call in to get your DNA results or retrieve the results online from the testing company. Allow ample time for the testing process to complete and for the transport of the testing samples to the lab.