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Leadership Training for Teenagers

By Erica Loop ; Updated September 26, 2017
Help your teen to act as a peer leader.

Just because your teen is growing more independent doesn't mean that she necessarily knows how to lead effectively. Leadership training for teens can help your child motivate her soccer team, pep up her peers to pitch in or simply stand out instead of acting as one of the flock.

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Leadership Training Camps

Take your teen's summer vacation from boring and blah to bold with a leadership training camp. Teen organizations, religious groups and schools often offer summer camp programs that specifically focus on building leadership skills in the young adult. For example, the National Teen Leadership Program offers three-day summer camps in Southern California. These camps feature motivational speakers, team-building activities, a confidence-building ropes course and small-group leadership training sessions. Likewise, the YMCA's Camp Ocoee -- in Ocoee, Tennessee -- offers leadership training for teenagers. This summer program provides an employment-based model, helping teens learn to act as effective staff leaders within the camp itself and in the community as a whole.

One-Stop Workshops

While it's unlikely that your teen will transform into a super leader in one day, a one-time workshop can lay the fundamentals that he needs to know. The NTLP offers one-day programs that include motivational speakers and lectures or discussions on topics such as diversity, bullying awareness, hate speech and cultural awareness. If you are looking for a workshop that your child's school group can go to as a team, some training institutes offer one-day programs for student peers. For example, the New Hampshire Teen Institutes's peer leadership training program provides teens with the chance to learn about effective communication, action planning, and working as a group to identify and solve problems.

Weekend Workshop Warriors

If spending one day at a leadership training seems like it's only the appetizer portion of your teenager's learning, try an entire weekend of education. Weekend teen leadership trainings provide ample opportunities to develop self-confidence, learn about resisting peer pressure and set personal goals. For example, the Legacy Center's teen leadership workshop is a two-and-a-half-day event for kids ages 13 through 17 who want to learn about self-respect, effective communication and achieving to the max.

Home-Based Training

Instead of turning the training to someone else, you may want to tackle the subject matter at home. In-home leadership training for your teen can range from the simple -- such as having an open discussion about the subject -- to more complex activities such as role playing. You can also model leadership behaviors for your teen through your everyday actions. This means showing respect for your other family members, persevering in the face of adversity and leading with a caring touch.

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About the Author

Based in Pittsburgh, Erica Loop has been writing education, child development and parenting articles since 2009. Her articles have appeared in "Pittsburgh Parent Magazine" and the website PBS Parents. She has a Master of Science in applied developmental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education.

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