K'NEX Building Instructions

K’nex building blocks are toy blocks made for children to enjoy, although adults can often be found putting together more complex sets as well. The company encourages adults and children to play together with their blocks, using imagination to construct cars, Ferris wheels, boats and more. K’nex is headquartered in Pennsylvania but distributes its products in more than 30 countries around the world. If you’re trying to put a particular piece together and have lost your directions that came with the set, it’s easy to locate instructions on the company’s website.

Navigate to K’nex’s model instructions page (link included in resources) and enter your K’nex building set code. Locate this code on the box that your K’nex blocks came in. Click the yellow dot to the right of the search field to view the instructions for your set as a pdf document.

Type a description of your K’nex set into the search field located in the top right corner of the company’s home page (see Resources) if you have lost your box or cannot find the model number. Click the yellow dot next to the search field and wait for the new page to load.

Scan the products that appear and write down the item number of your product once you find it. Navigate back to the Model Instructions page and enter that item number into the search field to obtain directions for assembling your set. For example, if you have a racing car but lost the instructions for putting it together, type “race car” into the search field on the home page. Write down the item number for the second product called “Formula Car” which is “13151” and enter that number into the model instructions search field. Click on the blue link “Download Formula Car 3 13151” and follow the pdf instructions, printing them out if desired, to assemble your race car.