Kindergarten Activities for Home-Schooling

Kindergarteners flourish in environments that promote learning, exploration, confidence-building and observation. This does not necessary pertain to the traditional kindergarten system, but also refers to home-schooling as well. Well-chosen kindergarten activities for home-schooling help children develop a sense of inquisitiveness and wonder, which help forge a positive academic attitude as the child gets older.

Environmental Activities

Kindergarteners are inquisitive when it comes to their environments and nature. Taking leisurely walks in the park gives children the opportunity to observe trees, plants and small animals. Gardening activities such as planting flowers or growing a garden connects children to the earth and helps them understand how things grow. Always leave time for questions and answers, and have your children draw pictures about what they did that day.

Neighborhood Observation

Transform community parks, businesses and civil service organizations into learning experiences for your children to learn about nature, commerce and history. Becoming involved in community learning helps kids to connect with emergency services personnel such as firefighters and police staff, health care providers and city groundskeepers.

Physical Wellness

Home-schooled kindergarteners need to learn about their bodies and personal hygiene 2. Explain how proper hand-washing techniques help prevent the spread of germs, and how eating healthy foods help our bodies grow and stay healthy. Schedule plenty of outdoor play and exercise to maintain physical fitness. Don't forget to ask for a return demonstration on skills such as hand-washing, which builds confidence when your child is able to perform the task correctly.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts encourage children to use their imaginations, and it spurs creativity, all while improving hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Using safety scissors to cut out shapes not only helps build fine-motor skills, it also helps children identify shapes. Printable cut-outs and art ideas are widely available online.