Kids Drinking Straw Project Ideas

Drinking straws make fine crafting tools that are used for a variety of kid-friendly projects. Straws are easy to work with and are available in a wide variety of colors. Although flexible straws are more bendable, straight straws work well too. Your kids' drinking straw project ideas will quickly come to life with a little imagination and creativity, and will keep the little ones engaged for hours 1.


Creating bracelets and necklaces with drinking straws is easy, and involves only a few materials, including the straws, colorful beads and yarn. Supervise your kids while they cut their straws into small, two-inches sections and string them onto the yarn. Have them intersperse beads between the straws to make different patterns. To further customize the jewelry, have the children paint the straw pieces with poster paints and a small paint brush, or draw patterns on them with fine-tipped marking pens 1.

Straw Paintings

To create straw painting masterpieces, have your children set sheets of paper down on the table 1. Using food coloring is easier to work with than paint because it is thinner. Have the kids drip a few drops of their food coloring "paint" on their paper, and then with their straws, ask them to gently blow the drops of paint to make unique designs. Allow the paintings to completely dry, and for another fun twist to this project, suggest that the kids look for "hidden" shapes, animals or people in their paintings.

Straw Rocket Launcher

For the straw rocket launcher project, you need construction paper, school glue, safety scissors, straws and marking pens. Have the children cut out two identical rocket shapes from their construction paper and glue them together only around the edges. Leave a small opening at the bottom of the paper rocket to insert your straw. After the glue is dried, insert one end of the straw into the opening, and blow on the other end. You kids will be amazed when their "rockets" are launched into space.

Straw Figures

Creating animal or people figures out of straws is a simple craft that is appropriate for even the youngest of children 1. You need construction paper, drinking straws, a small paintbrush, clear-drying glue and a pencil. Draw your animal or person figure onto the construction paper, and then have the kids apply glue around the outline with a paintbrush. Cut the straws into various sized pieces, and while the glue is still wet, carefully glue the straw pieces to the outline for perfect straw figures every time.