Kids Crafts for a Bible Lesson on Angels

Angels are depicted as messengers of God and protectors in many stories in the Bible, such as when God sent angels to protect Daniel in the lion's den and when an angel told Mary she was going to be the mother of Jesus 1. Crafts can help kids remember the lessons they are taught as they look at them and play with them after the lesson is over.

Construction Paper Angel Crafts

Your kids can make angels using cut-outs of their hands 1. Help them trace their hands on white construction paper and them cut the tracings out. Glue the two wrist ends together, then cut out a white triangle to glue near the bottom of the wrists to represent the angel's gown. Your kids can then cut out and paste a face at the top where the wrists meet. Have them use silver and gold glitter to decorate the angel. Instead of hands for wings, you can also have your kids fold a white sheet of paper accordion-style, pinching the middle and pasting a paper angel body in the middle. Open up the two ends of the folded paper to create the angel wings.

Coffee Filter Angels

Coffee filters are ideal for angel crafts. For a simple angel, fold a coffee filter in half and cut a tiny square out of the middle. Insert a craft stick inside the hole so only the top is showing and glue it down. Your kids can draw a face on the stick and glue a gold pipe cleaner halo to the top. For a more complex coffee filter angel, have your kids wrap a coffee filter around two cotton balls, holding it tight with your fingers to form the head shape, then stuff another coffee filter into the open end slightly, to create the look of a layered angel's gown. Secure the angel head shape and the top of the second coffee filter with ribbon, then take a third coffee filter, fold it in half and paste it to the back of the angel for the wings.

Paper Plate Angels

To make basic paper plate angels, have your kids cut out a fourth of a paper plate in a triangle shape 1. Then, cut out a head from another paper plate and paste it onto the long end of the triangle, creating an angel body. Paste the body in the middle of the paper plate you cut to make an angel with giant wings. For a paper plate cone angel, have your kids cut a paper plate in half and staple one half into a cone shape. Help them cut out angel wings and a head from the other half of the paper plate and glue them to the cone. Create a halo from aluminum foil to glue to the head. Both angels can be decorated with silver and gold glitter glue 1.

Fabric Angels

Your kids can make beautiful angels out of white doilies and old wooden spoons 1. Fold an old fabric doily in half and cut a small slit in the middle. Insert the wooden spoon handle up to the scoop part. Your kids can then fold two other doilies in half and wrap them around the handle underneath the first doily to create a layered angel gown. Paste a construction paper angel face to the scoop part. To make another type of fabric angel, use decorative white ribbon. Fold the ribbon into a decorative white bow, securing it with strong glue. Have your kids decorate and cut out an angel body, including a halo, from poster board to glue to the center of the bow, which represent the angel's wings.