How to Keep Your Pregnant Wife/Girlfriend Happy

Keep Her Happy

Pregnancy is a very difficult time for any woman. It is very important that you try to keep your wife/girlfriend happy while she is pregnant. Pregnant women's emotions will be crazy so make sure that you are doing everything that you can to keep her happy. Here are some tips on how to keep your pregnant wife/girlfriend happy.

Start out by understanding that pregnancy is one of the hardest times in a woman's life. She will have to change just about everything in her life while she is pregnant. There are many things that she will not be able to do because she is pregnant. Once you understand how hard pregnancy is, you will be able to make your pregnant wife/girlfriend happy.

Try to help her with anything that she needs help with. You may have to do extra things around the house that you are not used to doing. Offer to clean up or do the dishes so that she will be able to rest. As the pregnancy progresses, things will be much harder for the woman to do.

Many pregnant women get cravings for odd things. Try to go out and fulfil her cravings by purchasing whatever she wants. Go to the store and get her some ice cream, cookies or whatever it is that she wants.

Do not expect her to be happy all of the time. Even if you get her everything she wants and take care of everything around the house, she will still be going through a lot of emotions and physical pain so understand if she is not happy. Try not to argue with her about things because it is not good for a pregnant woman to get upset. Try to settle problems before they turn into fights.