Job Description for a Babysitter

For parents to leave their children with a teenager or young adult, they must completely trust her. A babysitter has to realize this is a job with significant responsibilities. A babysitter has the lives of someone else's children in her hands.

Babysitter Duties

A babysitter usually watches a family's children for a few hours while the parents are away from the home. A babysitter may need to provide a meal or snack for the children and find ways to entertain or engage the kids. A babysitter could also be responsible for following through with the family's bedtime routine. The key to being a successful babysitter is to keep the kids safe and entertained in fun ways that do not always include watching TV or movies. An imaginative babysitter will really stand out.

Becoming a Babysitter

If you are considering becoming a babysitter, you need to decide if you can handle the responsibility. Children can be a lot to handle, especially when mom and dad are gone. A good babysitter needs to be good with kids and have a lot of patience and energy. They must also have basic child care skills.


Besides the basics of watching over the children, babysitters also have more complicated responsibilities. Most babysitters have to master the ability to multitask and manage their time well. It takes both skills to keep a fun game going for the kids while fixing their dinner. Then you have to be responsible for bedtime, which could mean some great salesmanship skills to convince the kids to go to bed and stay in bed. Most important, the children's safety and well being must always be the babysitter's first priority.

Benefits of Babysitting

Babysitting could be the most rewarding job you will ever have. There is nothing like having a child ask for you to watch them. There is no greater reward than to know that the parents trust you completely and that the child, or children, want to spend time with you.

Details for the First Babysitting Job

There are some things a babysitter needs to consider before going on a job. You need to know the number and ages of children you'll be watching, any special needs of the children, instructions, the phone number where the parents can be reached and emergency contact information.

Qualifications of Babysitters

If you want to become a babysitter, take an instructional course on babysitting from the Red Cross or other local group. Knowing basic first aid techniques is a great selling point when you are meeting a family. The course will help you build confidence, which will help you stay calm when you are around the children. Also consider getting certified in CPR and infant CPR, which are offered by the Red Cross, though certification is not always included in the babysitter course.