How to use Dr. Brown's bottle steriliser

The Dr. Brown's Natural Microwave Steam Steriliser provides parents with a quick solution for sterilising up to four standard or wide-mouth bottles and bottle parts--Dr. Brown's and/or many other bottle brands--at one time in the microwave 1. Whether you need to sterilise entire bottles or a few parts such as nipples, using Dr. Brown's bottle steriliser is not difficult. Simply place the parts in the slots provided in the steriliser's moulded tray, add water, cover with the unit's lid and microwave.

Wash and rinse the parts of your Dr. Brown's Natural Microwave Steam Steriliser (base tray, moulded tray, lid and tongs) with a mild detergent and hot water and then air-dry. While the steriliser dries, wash and rinse your bottles.

Insert the bottle parts (nipple, nipple collar vent assembly insert, reservoir tube or "straw," bottle and bottle cap) into the moulded tray in each of the provided slots.

Pour six ounces of water into the steriliser.

Place the lid on the steriliser, put the unit inside your microwave and close the microwave's door. Set the microwave's timer--five minutes (microwaves 800W to 1100W) or eight minutes (microwaves 500W to 900W)--and then push the microwave's start button.

Leave the sanitiser inside your microwave for at least three minutes before attempting to remove it. Use the included tongs to remove the bottles and parts for drying.


To avoid burns, always test-touch the side of the unit to make sure it has cooled before attempting to remove it from the microwave. Use additional caution when using the handles to pull the sanitiser from your microwave as the hot water in the unit can splash out possibly burning you or anyone nearby.