How to teach boys to retract the foreskin when urinating

All children have to be potty trained. Girls are much different to potty train than boys; and boys must be taught differently depending on whether they are circumcised or not 2. Uncircumcised boys have the foreskin still intact and they need to learn how to properly hygienically care for their genitals in order to avoid tearing the skin or causing pain. In order to teach boys how to retract the foreskin of the penis when urinating, you should know it's all about repetition.

Have a trusted male family member such as the father, older son, your brother, or your father take your son to the bathroom. Most children are visual learners, so in order for your boy to learn how to properly use his equipment, he needs to watch an older male use his.

Establish a routine when going to the potty. Make up a song or do the same thing every time your boy goes potty. A routine should include the following steps for an uncircumcised boy. You can add more if you like.

Step 1: Pull down pants.

Step 2: Pull down underwear.

Step 3: Pull back skin.

Step 4: Sit down and potty.

Step 5: Wipe if needed and pull up underwear.

Step 6: Pull up pants.

If your child forgets to perform one of the steps, take him back and remind him of the steps that were put in place. Model the steps if needed or help him with the steps.

Institute a reward system. For example, give your son one small prize like stickers or stick on tattoos for each step he remembers each time he goes to the potty correctly.

Show him how to properly clean himself in the bathtub and explain why he needs to keep the foreskin of his penis clean. Make moving the foreskin a normal practice during potty training and bath time.


Most male foreskins will balloon when they need to urinate and may not need to be pulled back each time your son uses the potty.


Never try to pull back foreskin that is still attached to the glans. This can cause severe pain, stretching of the skin, bleeding, and tearing. You will know the foreskin is detaching from the glans when it begins to balloon as your son urinates.