How to Make Doll Stands

While some dolls are able to stand on their own, in most cases, proper upright display of a collectable doll requires a doll stand. Making your own doll stands is not only a good way to be thrifty, it allows you to customise according to the height and shape of the doll you wish to showcase.

Straighten your wire coat hanger. Unwind the top hook and trim off the curly section where the wire was twisted together.

Measure your doll. Measure the height of the doll from floor to waist, then measure the waist itself.

Cut two straight lengths of coat hanger wire with tin snips. Each length should be equal to the measurement of the doll's waist height, plus half the waist measurement, plus the thickness of your wood plaque.

Drill two holes through the top of the wood plaque, placed about a third of an inch apart and towards the back. Choose your drill bit according to the thickness of the wire hanger you're working with; err on the side of too small and make the holes bigger until you can insert the wire into them for a snug fit.

Insert the two strips of wire into the holes in the wood. They should fight tightly, but if they wobble at all, fill the space in the hole with wood glue and let it dry (be sure to put some newspaper under the wood, as the glue may drip out the bottom).

Bend the top of the wires into a circular shape using your vice grips. Start the circle at the height of the doll's waist, measured from the wood. Be sure to hold each piece of wire at the base; twist it to avoid creating torque that will twist the wire out of the holes in the wood.

Dip the rounded tips of wire in Plasti-dip. Let dry according to the instructions on the dip can.

Paint or varnish the craft plaque, if desired.

Attach doll to the stand by pulling the rounded ends of the wire around the doll's waist.