How to make a simple teddy bear

Teddy bears can be a beloved companion or thoughtful gift, especially when the stuffed animal is made by hand. Creating your own teddy bear doesn't require many sewing skills 1. In fact, a simple teddy bear design is one project children and adults can both use to practice sewing skills. When sewing your simple teddy bear, create a traditional brown bear or design one with some added flair by using a colourful fabric.

Draw the silhouette of the teddy bear you want to make on a piece of paper 1. Be sure to include the animal's iconic rounded ears, as well as two arms and legs. Make the drawing as large as you want the bear to be, then add about 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) all around the design to account for the seam. Cut out the shape.

Lay two pieces of the teddy bear fabric on top of each other, with the "up" sides facing inward. This can be any material you choose, from a tough denim to fluffy fur. Pin them together.

Trace the teddy bear cutout onto the fabric using a piece of chalk. Cut out the shape, snipping through both pieces of the pinned materials at the same time.

Sew around the perimeter of the fabrics with a sewing machine or by hand. Leave an opening in the side or bottom that you can fit the stuffing through. Turn the fabric right-side out.

Stuff the teddy bear with fibrefill. Fill every crevice in the stuffed animal, including the ears and ends of each limb. Use a long wooden spoon to place the stuffing in hard-to-reach places.

Seal the stuffed animal by sewing the opening together.

Add character to the teddy bear by creating a face. Sew on two buttons for eyes 1. Hand-stitch a nose and mouth by sewing an upside-down triangle and upside-down "Y." If you're not comfortable sewing on the face, draw one on the fabric with a permanent marker.