How to Get Pregnant After the Depo Shot

Depo-Provera is the only injectable contraceptive approved for use in the United States, according to the Mayo Clinic. It contains a high dose of progestin, a synthetic form of progesterone. After receiving the shot, a woman should not become pregnant for up to three months. The Mayo Clinic sayst the efficacy of Depo-Provera is 97 percent. Fertility after Depo-Provera is a common concern, but explains that pregnancy is still possible once the shot has been discontinued 1.

Cancel or do not schedule your next appointment for receiving the Depo-Provera shot 1. It may be wise to discuss your plans to get pregnant with your doctor before you begin trying.

Wait at least three months from the time of your last shot before expecting to get pregnant. According to Feminist Women's Health Center (FWHC), it may take six to 12 months or longer before your body returns to normal hormone levels.

Be persistent with your conception efforts. Realize that in addition to the time needed for Depo-Provera to leave your system, your ovulation period is only a small period of time in each month. Take advantage of the time by tracking your ovulation. There are several ways to go about tracking fertility. Visit a site such as or to learn about natural fertility tracking methods.

Schedule an appointment with your health-care provider if you are concerned about the length of time it is taking you to conceive. After 12 months, your doctor may want to examine you and possibly check your and your partner's fertility.


Stop receiving Depo-Provera as far in advance of the time that you would like to become pregnant as possible to help eliminate the hormones from your body.

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