How to Communicate With an Unborn Baby

Before babies are born, they sleep, practice breathing, swallow and even suck their thumbs--in other words, act like babies. During their time in the womb, babies receive many types of stimuli from the outside world, including tastes, sounds and they can even perceive light. These are all forms of communication, whether intentional or not, provided by the parents. Conscious communication with your unborn baby can help you bond before the birth experience.

Communicate verbally with your unborn baby by reading books aloud or speaking to him. According to Pregnancy Magazine, if your baby's hearing is developing normally, he can hear sounds from outside the womb as early as 18 weeks 1. Your baby will most likely be able to recognize your voice after the birth because he's heard it for several months.

Play mimicry games with your unborn baby as a fun and carefree mode of communication. Tap on your stomach and wait to see if your baby kicks back. Dr. F. Renee Van de Carr, a retired obstetrician based in California, explains that unborn babies can learn to respond to different kinds of stimuli, including touch.

Play soft, slow, calming music at the end of day to communicate that you're ready to unwind. The Ask Dr. Sears website explains that babies often respond to classical and other soft music by slowing their movements; on the other side of the coin, babies who are exposed to heavy metal or loud music may kick more forcefully or frequently.

Relax your body and exude a feeling of peace and stress-free existence. Stress hormones rise when you're uptight and may affect your baby, according to Ask Dr. Sears 2. Getting involved in a hobby you enjoy or other activities can help you communicate positive emotions to your baby.