How to Build Playground Borders

Playground borders define the play area in your back yard. Borders are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and safe. They keep the protective play surface enclosed, give your backyard a complete look and encourage children to play in a specific area for play where they are safe. Playground borders can be made from rough logs, manufactured plastic border products or most commonly, landscape timbers.

Build the perimeter of the play area out of landscape timbers. Place them in line one at a time creating a continuous border. Place the border no closer than 6-feet from any piece of play equipment.

Drill a hole, the diameter of your reinforcing bar, 1-foot from each end of every landscape timber.

Bang a length of the reinforcing bar through the hole with a sledge hammer until it is flush with the timber and deep into the ground. Repeat at both ends of each timber.

Fill your playground border with 9-inches minimum depth of shredded rubber mulch, bark mulch, wood chips, sand or small gravel which are all suitable materials for a protective play surface.


Place your playground far from trees, fences or sidewalks to avoid injuries. If you choose to use logs follow the same steps but substitute logs for landscape timbers. For manufactured products like those at Frame It All, follow the product's specific instructions for installation.


Drill holes in your landscape timbers that will accommodate the diameter of the reinforcing bar you choose for the project so it does not split the wood when banging.

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