High-Protein Meals for Kids

Hot dogs are a kid-friendly high-protein meal.

While some kids are willing to eat everything under the sun, others are pretty picky about what they eat. Instead of giving in to your child's finicky tastes, try a variety of foods and encourage him to taste everything at least once. If you're worried about your child's protein intake, offer him meals that are high in protein to help ensure he's getting the amount he needs. Including high-protein meals in your child's diet will help his body grow and develop.

Exciting Egg Breakfasts

Eggs are an excellent source of protein for kids. There are numerous simple, delicious breakfast meals that include eggs that kids will enjoy. Breakfast quesadillas made with whole-wheat or flour tortillas, Canadian-style bacon and scrambled eggs are a convenient option for eating on the go. Adding whole-milk shredded cheese to the quesadillas increases the amount of protein kids get from this meal. Another quick high-protein egg breakfast meal is a sausage and cheese omelet. If you use fully cooked breakfast sausage, this meal can be cooked in the microwave in roughly a minute. The milk, sausage, eggs and cheese involved in this meal are all high-protein foods. A slice of toast or toasted flatbread will compliment this meal nicely.

Hilarious Hot Dogs

Hot dogs aren't only an all-time favorite meal for kids -- they're also packed with protein. While most kids will be happy eating a hot dog as-is, there are lots of imaginative ways you can present hot dogs for lunch or dinner. Younger kids who still need their hot dogs cut up will get a kick out of a caterpillar hot dog. Simply cut the hot dog in half lengthwise, cut into slices, arrange the pieces in a curvy line and add eyes and legs with your child's favorite hot dog topping. Older kids might like a hot dog octopus served on a bed of "seaweed." To make the octopus, cut the hot dog into eight strips on one end before boiling. The seaweed can be made by adding green food coloring to any type of noodle. Add a mustard face to complete the meal.

Chicken for Children

Meals that feature chicken are a good source of protein for kids. Chicken tenders are a classic meal option that are perfect for dinner or lunch. Using mashed potato flakes in the batter adds an additional punch of protein to this meal. Chicken tenders coated with cheese crackers also contain two sources of protein. If you don't like the idea of serving too much fried food to your kids, there are baked chicken tender recipes that can serve as a healthy alternative. Another kid-friendly high-protein chicken meal is mini fried chicken and waffles. You can use frozen mini waffles and top them with bite-sized pieces of fried chicken. For a little extra flavor, provide maple syrup or honey mustard for drizzling.

Shakes and Scoops

When kids are begging for dessert, parents can find comfort in giving them something sweet that is high in protein too. Milkshakes made with whole milk and ice cream are a refreshing treat that contain a lot of protein. Other high-protein desserts kids will love include plain ice cream, pudding and yogurt. Peanut butter can be added to milkshakes or ice cream to provide an additional source of protein.