How to Handle the Anticipation of a Baby

There's only a short time to wait before you'll be gazing into the sweet face of your newborn, but those last few weeks of waiting can be absolutely intolerable. While there's no way to speed up baby's arrival -- unless you talk to your doctor about an early induction -- you can take some steps to stay calm and have a little fun before the big day.

Plan a "babymoon" vacation by spending some quality time with your spouse or partner 2. Get away for the weekend or plan an elaborate vacation on a tropical island. The time away can help you forget about the daily concerns about the nursery or doctor's appointments.

Get some exercise. Take walks, attend a yoga class or go for a swim at your local community center. Alternatively, get plenty of rest as this may be your last chance to sleep soundly for a long time 2.

Spend time cooking food you can eat when the baby comes. Store soups, stews and casseroles in the freezer for a later date. Plan a few elaborate meals that can be frozen, then spend those last days pouring your energy into making them.

Keep a journal. Write letters to your baby about your hopes for his life, your plans for the future and what your life was like before he arrived.

Tap your network of fellow parents and parents-to-be for support and encouragement during these last few days. Talk about your fears, anxiety and anticipation about the baby, which may help you cope with the waiting.


Do your best to relax as much as possible. Babies born to mothers with depression or anxiety tend to have more sleep issues, says Science Daily, so you'll do yourself a favor by staying calm throughout the process. If your anxiety or stress seems out of control, talk to your doctor about solutions to help you cope.


Vigorous exercise is generally verboten as the pregnancy advances -- at least for the expectant mother. Talk to your doctor before you start any exercise routine. If you plan to travel, also have a conversation with your doctor about the possible risks and any necessary precautions.