Fun party games for 13 year olds

Play an array of party games at your next teen party, including indoor and outdoor games. Finding games that appeal to both the parent and the teen is sometimes tricky. However, games will help 13-year-olds mingle and introduce themselves to unfamiliar faces, especially if the games are designed as activities that will improve their social life on entering high school.

Guess the Feet

Hang a sheet (preferably dark) between a doorway or two walls. Leave a 6-inch gap at the bottom of the sheet by the floor. Make two even teams. Have one team get on one side of the sheet and the other team stay on one side. Players of one team will take off all their shoes and socks. Each player should roll up her pant legs or any clothing that would give away who she is. Each team member places his feet under the sheet for the other team to try to guess the feet. The team will get a point for each correct answer. The team with the most points wins the game.

Truth or Stunt

Write down a list of stunts and the amount of time they should be done in before the party. Cut out each stunt suggestion, fold it up and place in a large bowl. Stunt suggestions could be "do 20 sit-ups," "walk on your hands" or "say the alphabet backwards." Each stunt will also have a time limit. When the game starts, allow the first player to say truth or stunt. If she says truth, another player will get to ask her a question like, "who is your crush?" If she says stunt, she will have to draw a stunt out of the bowl and do the stunt in the alloted time. For each truth or stunt completed, that player will earn a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game will win.

Catch the Water Balloon

You will need a lot of water balloons and a couple of towels. Have the water balloons filled and ready before the party starts 3. Divide all players into pairs. Two adults will launch the water balloons in the air using a towel. One team at a time will go must catch a balloon using a towel without breaking it. If the balloon breaks or hits the ground the team will not get a point. Let each team have three tries and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.