Fun Halloween Tricks to Do With Preschoolers

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat” is an age-old warning that excited preschoolers say as they move from house to house on Halloween. If your preschooler is ready to skip the treats and instead pull a few tricks on his neighbors, friends or siblings; it is important to keep the prank safe, benign and age-appropriate.

Scary Scarecrow

Scare the kids in your neighborhood by helping your preschooler dress-up like a frightening scarecrow. Save money on the necessary items – including jeans, a flannel shirt, straw hat and boots – by shopping at a local thrift shop. Once your preschooler is done trick or treating himself, help him dress up like a frightening scarecrow, complete with a straw hat and blood stained jeans and flannel shirt. Set a chair outside your front door and instruct your preschooler to look down and remain completely still when a group of kids are approaching. Once the neighborhood kids are at the door getting their candy, your preschooler jumps out and scares them. Painting your preschooler's face and teaching him how to remain flopped down on the chair, like an authentic scarecrow, makes this trick more convincing, and scary.

Bugs in My Halloween Candy

Help your preschooler play a safe, frightening trick on your spouse, or any older siblings pilfering chocolate bars from his trick or treat bag. In the days preceding Halloween, help your preschooler find the most realistic plastic or rubber insects possible. Once your preschooler has finished trick or treating, help him scatter two or three of the lifelike insects inside his candy bag. Ask your spouse to inspect the candy, although that is not all he will find inside the bag. This is also an ideal trick for your preschooler's older siblings, especially if they are notorious for stealing their little brother's candy.


Provide your preschooler with plenty of ways to scare his classmates, siblings or neighbors. For example, give him some fake vomit, spider webs, a mask or fake plastic rats. Give yourself with similar traditional Halloween tricks and challenge your preschooler to an all-day “Scare-a-Thon.” The object is to see who can scare the most people throughout the day. Each time you scare someone with Halloween tricks, give yourself a point. The tricks continue as you trick or treat, and you are free to scare one another. After you have visited the last house, tally up your scores. Give the winner of the Scare-a-Thon with the best reward – a chance to have first choice of the candy.

Rubber Rats Everywhere

Help your preschooler harmlessly trick everyone his home with nothing more than a few inexpensive rubber rats. Before Halloween, help your preschooler locate the most hideous, realistic rubber mice possible. On Halloween morning, aid your preschooler in hiding the rats throughout your home. For example, place a rat in his father's favorite coffee mug, or stick a rat inside his older sister's backpack. A rat, floating inside the toilet is a funny, although unwelcome, sight first thing in the morning. Do not forget to prank your preschooler as well by sticking a rubber rat inside his bed, or trick or treat bag.