Fun Games to Play While Babysitting

Babysitting is a great way to earn extra money. It is important, however, to know that it isn't easy money. To be a good babysitter you need to be prepared and organized. Part of the preparation involves planning activities for the children in your charge. Having a few fun and easy games on tap for the kids you watch will make things go far more smoothly, thus making you the best babysitter you can be.


Memory is game that can be played by most kids. Plus, they love playing it, and it is educational. You can buy Memory for relatively little money, or you can just use a standard deck of cards ad match numbers and titles.

Mother May I

When babysitting, it is always good to have some outdoor games to play. Mother May I is a great game. It keeps all of the kids in one place where you can see them, and it isn't rough or raucous. To play, one person stands in front of the rest with at least 10 feet between them. That person is "mother." Then, on each person's turn, she asks mother how many steps she can take to reach her. "Mother" approves or denies the request. The first person to reach "mother" takes of the job.

Freeze Dance

For indoor fun that will help burn off some unused energy, let the kids dance to music in an open space. When the music stops, they all have to sit down and freeze. The last one down is out. Keep going until one kid is left.