Fun Daytime Date Activities for Teens

Teens typically think of dating as an evening activity, but teens who want to go on a date during the day have plenty of options. Daytime dates, especially outdoor dates, get teenagers into the fresh air rather than sitting in an environment where they might not talk much. Daytime dates can get teens outside and active, instead of communicating through electronic devices.

Fly a Kite

Flying kites gives teens the opportunity to get to know one another 2. They must converse and work together to make the kite fly properly. Teens can use their own yard space, go to a park or use an empty ball field. In the meantime, they are taking in fresh air and getting exercise.

Go for a Swim

Teens can use a private pool or go to a public swimming pool for a fun swimming date and a little time in the sun. If the weather is too cold for swimming, use an indoor pool at a gym, if available. If you swim outside, don't forget to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Go to the Zoo

Teens can spend all day at the zoo 2. The zoo creates an atmosphere for conversation, especially for dating teens who share an interest in animals. Teens can also share a meal together at the zoo -- perhaps a picnic in a grassy area or inside an eatery. Teens should check times and locations for special presentations involving their favorite animals or go on organized tours.

Attend a Ballgame

At a ballgame, teens can sit and talk or stand and cheer, expressing themselves in whatever way makes them feel more comfortable on a date. Ballgames make fine group dates. Several teen couples can all go together, creating a comfortable environment for a teen couple experiencing a first date. If Major League games are too expensive for the budget, try a minor league game or a high school school ballgame.

Go on a Hike

Go on a nature walk together. More active and physically fit teens can try challenging hiking trails. Like zoos, hiking trails provide opportunities for conversation. Teens interested in outdoor hiking activities might enjoy conversations about nature topics such as birds, wild animals, mountain life and environmental issues.

Go Snow-skiing

In winter, go skiing or snow-boarding. Stick to beginner slopes until you know whether your date can handle a more advanced slope. Snow-skiing is not a time to try to impress your date with skills you might not have. Use common sense.