The Best Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are convenient, comfortable and a modern substitute to toilet paper. Although they began as a cleaner alternative to standard baby wipes, flushable wipes have expanded markets. Adults and children use them alike, and several brands have emerged. Overall, there is no one “best” flushable wipe, as it depends on the user. However, there are four brands that are superior.

Cottonelle Fresh

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Wipes can be purchased in the same aisle as toilet paper, which might appeal to those who are not buying them for children. You will pay around $3.50 for a plastic container of 42, as of March 2011, but can buy refills for less. These wipes are soft, but have a strong scent reminiscent of baby wipes. They are larger than most wipes, but have been known to cause problems with older plumbing or septic systems.

Charmin Freshmates

Charmin's version of flushable wipes are very popular in households and can be conveniently found in the same aisle as toilet paper 1. They are large and have a nice scent. Additionally, the texture is soft and they are extra durable. Although these wipes are harder to find, you can purchase a plastic tub and refill (160 count in total) for around $6 online, as of March 2011.

Pampers Kandoo

Pampers Kandoo wipes are perfect for toddlers and kids. Their convenient packaging has a lid that is simple to open and the container easily stays on the back of the toilet. You can find them in the baby diaper section in various versions from sensitive to melon scented. As of March 2011, a 50-count plastic tub will set you back $3.

Earth's Best

Earth’s Best Flushable Toddler wipes are hypoallergenic, chlorine free and unscented. They are made with 100-percent cotton, which gives them a soft texture. Though they are rather thin, they do flush easily. A 50-count tub will cost around $3.49, as of March 2011. Although they are marketed for toddlers, they are not widely available in stores. You can usually score good deals online.