How to Feed a Baby Rice Cereal

Four- to 6-month-old babies who can hold their heads up and sit up on their own are often ready to try solid foods. Iron-fortified rice cereal is usually one of the first solids parents give their babies. Don’t expect your baby to love the rice cereal at first. It might take a few tries for him to get used to and enjoy a food other than formula or breast milk. Regardless of whether he takes to the cereal, get your camera ready because it’s sure to be a picture-worthy moment.

Mix breast milk or formula with the powdered rice cereal. How thick you make it depends on your baby’s experience and ability to eat solid foods 2. For the first feedings, though, use 1 teaspoon of cereal for every 4 or 5 teaspoon of milk. The cereal will look more like soup than oatmeal.

Put a large bib on your baby and sit him so he is upright. A highchair with shoulder straps or a person’s lap works well.

Scoop a little bit of the cereal onto a narrow baby spoon and hold it at your baby’s lips. Gently touch his lips with the spoon and hold it there for a few seconds so he has an opportunity to get his first taste and smell of the new food.

Push the spoon slightly into his mouth. Your baby might try to push the food to the back of his mouth. If he’s not interested, put the spoon down and try again in a minute or two. Keep feeding your baby in this manner until he stops eating. If this feeding is unsuccessful, try again the next day.


Wait until your baby is happy, awake and slightly hungry to feed your baby rice cereal for the first time. Wait three or four days before trying a different type of cereal. This way, you can tell if he has any kind of allergy.