Does Fashion Trendsetting Have a Positive Effect on Teenagers?

By Kristen Berry
Setting original trends promotes creativity and imagination.
Setting original trends promotes creativity and imagination.

Teens who set fashion trends can gain confidence and a personal sense of style that others often want to emulate. Setting fashion trends during the teen years can be a challenge among peers and family members who follow traditional style rules; however, creating new trends brings the rewards of respect and fashion know-how that stand apart from the status quo.

Spawning Interest in the Fashion Industry

Creating new trends allows a teen to feed her interest in the fashion industry. What may start out as a general interest in personal style, can wind up becoming a viable career in fashion merchandising. According to the Budget Fashionista, doing the exact opposite of what is in style is often the beginning of a new fashion trend. This is the foundation for creating the marketable styles buyers choose for department stores. A teen who sets new trends may be interested in becoming a buyer for a major department store. A career as a buyer brings the reward of successful trendsetting with a salary.

Personal Comfort

Trendsetting can sometimes happen through default as teens look for ways to attain comfort in the clothes they wear through the long days of school and extra-curricular activities. According to the self-improvement group, Self Growth, something as simple as the bag a teen carries, or the watch she wears involves fashion and can become a new trend. For example, a teen might carry a paperboy satchel worn with the strap going across her chest for a hands-free way to tote personal items and books. Not only is she attaining comfort and convenience, she's creating a unique look other teens may want to follow.

Good Sports

Teens feel confident when friends emulate their style. Being the leader in setting fashion trends means others respect a teen's sense of originality. This form of flattery inspires many teens to create new fashion trends with a sense of security in their ability to draw others to follow them. Friendship bonds can also be strengthened when a group of teens feels a sense of belonging through wearing similar looks that promote specific interests. For example, teens involved in sports such as lacrosse or soccer often set new fashion trends derived from the clothing needed for practices and games. The mutual sense of fashion spawns a sense of team compatibility on and off the field.

Economic Benefits

Trendsetting teaches teens to create new looks without spending too much money. According to Self Growth, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people, but times have changed since class is no longer a factor on the road to becoming fashionable. Fashion trendsetting involves imagination and creativity. Something as simple as a vintage scarf or a rugged pair of old boots can start a fashion craze that's inexpensive, original and easy to find in second-hand stores. Setting attainable trends teaches teens to budget their money while setting their creative genius free.

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