Faith-based Help for Teens

Being a teenager is difficult at the best of times, but when drugs, alcohol, depression, sexual promiscuity or a host of other issues complicates her life, faith-based assistance might help. This type of help focuses on your family’s religious beliefs and provides a teen with the armor to battle the problem 1.

Faith-based Media or Literature

Finding faith-based videos or books and sharing them with your teen is an effective way to help them cope with challenging issues they face in today’s world. Much of the secular literature and media depicts violence and sexually explicit scenarios as a normal part of life. Frequent exposure to books and movies that illustrate the characters making moral choices is a compelling way to demonstrate faith-based resolutions to problems teens face. Books such as the “Diary of a Teenage Girl Series” by Melody Carlson or “The Protector, O’Malley Series” by Dee Henderson are appropriate choices for teenagers. Movies such as “The Young Believers,” “Destiny Road” and “Deep in the Heart” are about Christians facing struggles and overcoming them in an ethical manner.

Faith-based Counseling

Your pastor or the youth minister at your church is often a valuable resource when searching for answers. Counseling is generally a part of the pastor’s job. If you belong to a large church, counselors usually are on staff to help the parishioner work through his conflicts. Even if you are not a member of a church, they typically have outreach ministries that will help your teen address her problems. The price for such services is often free or based on your ability to pay. You can find faith-based counselors by asking your pediatrician or looking in the phone book. The counselors usually advertise this fact in their marketing.

Faith-based Boarding Schools

Teens that repeatedly make wrong choices in choosing their peers or their activities often benefit from attending a faith-based boarding school. The class sizes are smaller, so teens receive more one-on-one attention with their studies, according to the International Society of Missionary Kids website. The smaller class sizes also encourage lifelong friendships with students who share the same values. These schools provide students with faith-based foundations to help them cope with the struggles and temptations present in the world. Many boarding schools offer financial assistance or scholarships. Your church might help provide financial assistance as well, if you ask for it.

Facilities That Offer Faith-based Help

If your teen is struggling with an addiction such as drugs or alcohol, or a disorder that is affecting her health such as anorexia, enlightened parents know that it often takes more than an occasional counseling session to bring about positive and long-lasting changes. It might be necessary to send your teenager to an in-patient treatment center or other facility that houses her for a period, according to the Focus on the Family website. Sometimes this tactic is necessary to prevent the teen from destroying other family members with her constant drama. These programs generally have intensive daily programs that help your teen reorganize her thought patterns and lifestyle based on biblical practices. The centers generally have daily private and group-counseling sessions that help the child learn to cope with her struggles, inner conflicts and resolve them in an ethical fashion. Many insurance companies cover the cost of the treatment centers. If not, the program usually offers financial assistance for those who cannot afford it otherwise. Your pediatrician and groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous are valuable resources to find out the names of faith-based treatment centers near your city.