Etiquette Classes for Teens in South Jersey

If you live in southern New Jersey and you think your teenager could benefit from some etiquette lessons, you're not alone 12. Several schools and traveling workshops exist throughout the southern region of the state, though the choices for classes and instructors tend to be fewer than in the state's northern counties such as Bergen. If you're looking to enroll your teen in a one-time course that lasts a couple of hours, your options increase because several etiquette and protocol experts have traveling seminars throughout southern portions of the state 1.

South Jersey School of Etiquette

Located in Sicklerville, the South Jersey School of Etiquette offers a range of one-time and weekly classes for teens ages 13 through 18 1. Through ninth grade, students are divided by gender and taught appropriate manners and etiquette on everything from dining and greeting to using the cell phone; the course meets once a week for six weeks. For older teens, the school offers mixed-gender classes of 12 students on topics ranging from admissions interviews and advanced dining skills to the nuances of proper behavior at social functions.

Socially Savvy

Socially Savvy is an organization based in Moorestown, but it offers courses in a few of the more southern-lying towns, including Margate and Sewell. In addition to courses on dining and social functions, the school offers individual consultations for college admissions interviews. Unlike some other schools that break down lessons over a several-week course, the classes at Socially Savvy typically last one to two hours.

The Etiquette Institute of Southern New Jersey

The Etiquette Institute of Southern New Jersey offers faith-based modeling, charm and etiquette lessons for girls in elementary school through high school 12. Classes are offered in workshop-style formats and range in content from formal dances and dinners to public speaking, dating and dining. The stated goal of The Etiquette Institute is to build confidence in girls by giving them the training they need to conduct themselves as confident young women.

Esthers of Tomorrow

Esthers of Tomorrow offers a range of courses and workshops for girls of all ages through high school focusing on health and wellness to becoming an active member of the community. Teens can choose which workshops they attend based on their interest. Several of the class choices feature mother-daughter events that help mothers learn how to guide their daughters toward becoming confident, skilled young women.