Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

When spring arrives, the Easter bunny will be hopping his way to your home with a few special surprises for your children. He'll bring baskets filled with all kinds of treats for every child including the youngest family member of the household, your toddler. Give him age-appropriate ideas on what to include in your toddler's basket.


Bite-sized, chewy candy such as jelly beans and gummy bears can pose choking hazards for toddlers, so instead create safe yet tasty alternatives: Prepare Easter bunny-shaped sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies with cookie cutters. Wrap the cookies in cellophane, tie with ribbon and place in the basket. Milk chocolate bars and large peanut butter cups can be placed in the basket and broken into smaller pieces when ready to eat. Pre-wrapped cotton candy comes in spring colors and is also a no-worry item for toddlers to eat.


Age-appropriate toys should be placed inside a toddler's Easter basket. Toddlers will adore plush bunny and chick animals they can cuddle up with or place on their beds. Give the toy animals faux food items such as plastic carrots. Springtime themed blocks with pictures of chicks, lambs and such are another possibility. Placing a bunny ear headband or bunny costume inside will allow a toddler to pretend he is a real bunny hopping around.


Easter or spring-themed books with vividly-colored illustrations inside the basket will capture a toddler's attention. Select pictures books to read aloud to your toddlers and/or interactive baby books. Consider books that feature characters from popular children's shows such as, "Thomas Saves Easter" by Rev. W. Awdry and "Dora's Easter Basket" by Sarah Wilson. To teach toddlers about the religious meaning behind Easter, consider "My Toddler Bible" by Bethan James.


After a long day of Easter egg hunting, your toddler might enjoy snuggling with you and watching a movie. Place Easter-themed children's movies inside their baskets as entertainment for the holiday's afternoon or evening 1. Animated children's movies about Easter and spring include "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown," and even more fitting for toddlers, "Winnie the Pooh — Springtime With Roo." Both have friendship themes 1.