How to Dress a Baby for Winter

Babies lose body heat faster than adults because they have a greater body surface, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center 1. It’s natural during the winter to want to take extra precautions to make sure your baby feels comfortable. While keeping your little one warm is important, take precautions to keep her from overheating.

Everyday Clothing

There is no need to dress your baby in bulky sweaters and jackets while inside the home even during the winter months. Unless it is colder than the average inside temperature, your baby can usually wear the same type of clothes that you wear. If necessary, cover his head with a light infant cap and his feet with socks or booties. Before you dress your baby in cute winter outfits, consider if you would feel hot wearing the same clothes in your size. If you would feel warm, it is likely your child would as well

Keeping a Baby Warm at Night

The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, has been linked to over-bundling a baby 2. When you over-bundle a baby, she may overheat, which increases her risk for SIDS, says the National Sleep Foundation. When you get your baby ready for bed during the winter, dress her in light clothing and keep the temperature in the room at a comfortable level. Do not have any bedding, pillows, bumpers, sheepskins, toys or quilts in a baby's crib, because these items can increase the risk of SIDS, according to 36. If you believe your baby needs extra warmth, dress her in a one-piece cotton outfit or wearable blanket that covers her feet. Always place your baby on a firm sleep surface on her back when you put her down to sleep, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What to Wear Outside

When you go outside with your baby, he should wear one more layer of clothing than you plan to wear, Affinity Health System recommends. If you plan to be outside for an extended period, dress your baby in outerwear, including a hat that covers his ears, made from water and wind-resistant materials. To give your little one extra protection in a stroller, place a blanket over him on top of the harness. While in the car, avoid dressing him in bulky clothing or jackets, recommends 36. Instead, dress your baby in lighter clothing so the car seat’s straps fit him securely. Then, if necessary, place a blanket on your baby, over the harness straps.

Telling if Your Baby Is Over-Dressed

When a baby overheats, her skin will tell you. Overheated areas may develop heat rash, which looks like small red bumps that are moist, according to 36. The rash may appear in the folds of skin around the neck, legs, torso, arms and the area where she wears a diaper. Prevent heat rash during the winter by dressing your little one in clothes that keep her skin dry and cool.

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