How to Dress a Baby With a Fever

A fever in a baby means that the baby's body is fighting an infection or virus. Your baby will probably be fussy, uncomfortable and hot to the touch. She may not want to eat or even drink. Fevers can signify something as mild as the flu, or a much larger health problem. To be safe, take your baby to the doctor if she has a fever. In the meantime, make your baby as comfortable as possible by dressing her properly.

Choose comfortable clothing. A baby with a fever is already miserable. Avoid clothing with rough edges and metal fastenings.

Dress him in light layers. Heavy clothing increases body temperature. Babies with fevers are cold one minute, then hot the next. Taking off layers when he's hot will make him more comfortable. When he's cold, cover him back up.

Let air reach the skin. Babies with fevers will get sweaty. Dress him in clothing made from cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric that will allow air to get through to a fevered baby's skin.

Dress him in clothing that can come off easily and quickly. You might need to cool him down with a wet cloth, or change him out of sweaty or germ-ridden clothing.

Save the nice clothes for when he is well again. Babies with fevers often suffer episodes of vomiting or diarrhea. In addition, a lot of infant medication can stain clothing.