Door Sign Ideas for Kids

Let the door sign reflect your child's personal style.

Decorating your child’s room doesn’t have to stop at the door. A door sign lets people know whose room is hidden behind the door, while adding some color and character to a plain door face. The type of door sign that you choose depends on your child’s age, personality and interests.

Name Door Sign

You can enlist your child’s artistic talents to make a name sign for her room or you can make one as a gift. Use a plain piece of wood for the base of the sign. A 4-by-6, 6-by-12 or 8-by-11 inch piece works nicely. Paint your child’s name directly on the wood with a nontoxic acrylic craft paint or glue wooden letters on the wood piece with tacky glue and then paint it. Add any other decorations on it to personalize it further. Attach a 12- to 16-inch length of ribbon or cord to the back of the wood with tacky glue or thumbtacks so you can hang it on the door. If the wood piece is too heavy to hang by a thumbtack or nail on the door, use a door hanger that hooks over the top of the door.

Re-writable Door Signs

If your child changes her style and opinions faster than you can keep up, a re-writable door sign is the way to go. Obtain an over-the door whiteboard or chalkboard. If you want a permanent fixture on your child’s door, you can apply chalkboard paint directly to the door. Attach embellishments, such as flowers, jewels or stickers, around the perimeter of the chalkboard or whiteboard with nontoxic school glue and let it dry. Tape a string to one end of a whiteboard marker or piece of chalk and connect the other end of the string to the door or sign.

Two-sided Door Sign

A two-sided door sign allows your child to flip the sign from one side to the other whenever she wants. The base can be thin wood, cardboard, cardstock or paper. Drill or punch one hole in each of the top two corners and attach a string to hang the door sign. One side of the sign can say “Enter” and the other can say “Do not enter.” It can say “Jessie is in” and “Jessie is out,” “Come on in” and “Stay away,” “Enter at your own risk” and “Do not disturb” or any other combination that fits your child. Have your child draw a picture to go with each side or decorate it with markers or glitter glue.

Doorknob Hanger

A doorknob hanger is a smaller version of a door sign, but it still adds a nice touch to your child’s bedroom. The hanger can be foam, wood, card stock or even thick paper. If you design the paper one on the computer, you can use clip art and fun fonts to create your masterpiece. Foam and wood hangers can be decorated with markers, stickers, non-toxic acrylic paint, stick-on jewels, sequins or glitter. Place the hanger on the doorknob once the project is dry.