How Do I Use Similac Pre-Made Formula?

When your baby is hungry, the last thing you want to do is spend time measuring the correct water to powder formula ratio. Similac offers pre-made or ready-to-feed formulas that require no special mixing or measuring. The formulas are best for babies who are 12 months old or younger; who suffer from protein sensitivities; or who have sensitive stomachs 4. The preparation method of the ready-to-feed formula that you purchase depends on the container in which it comes and your baby’s age 1.

Using Ready-to-Feed Similac Formulas

Similac Advance is a traditional baby formula that’s available in 8- and 2-ounce, nipple-ready bottles 123. Talk to your baby’s pediatrician about how much formula to feed your baby. To use the bottles, twist off the cap and attach a bottle nipple to the top. Similac’s Advanced, Alimentum and Sensitive pre-made formulas also come in 1-quart re-closeable bottles and 8-fluid-ounce cans 45. To use these products, open the bottle or can and pour 2 to 8 ounces of formula into your baby’s bottle, depending on her feeding needs. You do not have to warm the formula prior to use, according to Similac, unless your baby prefers it that way 23.

Storing Similac Pre-Made Formulas

When your baby feels satisfied after consuming all or part of a ready-to-feed Similac bottle or a normal bottle that contains pre-made formula, discard any formula that remains 23. According Similac, harmful microorganisms can grow when saliva contacts the nutrients in the formula 3. Store unopened pre-made formula in a cool, dry location. Do not freeze the formula. After opening a can or 1-quart bottle of Similac formula, store it in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours but must be discarded after that 3. Similac recommends covering open cans with a lid or aluminum foil. Throw away Similac formula after the “use by” date or expiration date on the can or bottle 3.

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