DIY Washi Tape Book Covers

One of the things kids love most about back-to-school season are all the fresh, new school supplies just waiting to be personalized with doodles and decorations. That goes for borrowed school supplies like textbooks, too.

Earn some major brownie points with your kids by teaching them this easy washi tape book cover technique. And don’t worry if it looks a little out of your artistic reach — we’ve got a secret tip up our sleeve and we guarantee anyone can pull this off.

All you’ll need for this project are some brown paper bags and a few colorful rolls of washi tape.

To make a standard paper bag book cover, tear or cut the paper bag apart at the seam and remove the bottom to form a rectangle.

With the printed side of the bag facing the book, fold the top and bottom edges in so the cover is the same height as the book you are covering. Then fold each side of the book cover around the front and back of the book. Finally, slip each side of the book cover into the pockets you’ve created.

Now it’s time for the fun part, decorating the front with washi tape. Ready for that top-secret tip? Once you’ve decided on the picture you’d like to create, do a web search of that object plus the words “Perler Beads.” This will bring up various images of the object made of beads.

You can then use the washi tape to replicate where the beads would go. You can either use a small square of tape for each bead or use one long strip in place of an entire row of beads.

For our book covers, we used this Perler Bead fish and this Perler Bead space invader as inspiration. What will you and your kids create with this technique?

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan