Directions for Avent Sterilizers

Avent bottle sterilizers significantly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria babies come in contact with when bottle feeding. There are two types of Avent bottle sterilizers - microwavable and digital 5. Regardless of which you choose, both Avent sterilizers use the highly effective hospital method of steam sterilization. Either sterilizer is simple to use, efficient and involves no chemicals.

Digital Avent Sterilizer

Remove all removeable parts from within the digital sterilizer 126. Pour exactly 90 millimeters of water into the sterilizer, use a measuring cup to ensure accuracy.

Place the nipple basket onto the center stem and slide it to the bottom of the sterilizer. Put all bottle nipples, six at the most, into the basket.

Slide the screw-on bottle rings down the center stem to rest on top of the nipple basket. Slide the bottle rack down the center stem to rest on top of the screw-on bottle rings.

Load each bottle, up to six, onto a bottle ring located on the bottom of the bottle rack. Slide the bottle lid basket down the center stem to rest on top of the bottles. Fill the top basket with bottle lids.

Place the lid over the sterilizer and snap it closed 6. Plug the sterilizer into an outlet.

Press the large "Control" button once for a 6-hour cycle or twice for a 24-hour cycle. Hold the "Control" button down for two seconds once the cycle has been selected to initiate sterilization.

Unplug the sterilizer after it has beeped three times to indicate it has finished sterilization and allow it cool for three minutes before retrieving the sterilized bottles.

Microwavable Avent Sterilizer

Wash all bottles with warm soapy water and thoroughly rinse under running water.

Remove the lid and tray from the sterilizer and pour exactly 200 millimeters of water into the bottom, use a measuring cup to ensure accuracy.

Replace the tray and place all bottles, up to six, onto the bottle rings. Place all screw-on rings, nipples and lids in the basket found in the center of the tray.

Place the lid onto the sterilizer and secure the lid clips, they will click to indicate they're closed properly.

Put the sterilizer into the microwave 345. Set the microwave to "Full Power." Set the microwave timer to two minutes if it's a 1100 to 1850-watt microwave, to four minutes if it's a 850 to 1000-watt microwave or six minutes if it's a 500 to 800-watt microwave.

Allow the sterilizer to cool for two minutes after the microwave has shut off. Take the sterilizer out of the microwave and put it on a heat resistant surface.

Unlock the clips and take out the sterilized bottles. Dump any remaining water in the sterilizer.


The difference between the two cycle options of the digital sterilizer is the six hour cycle will keep the bottles sterilized for six hours and the 24 hour cycle for 24 hours, but will automatically initiate another six minute sterilizing cycle every six hours.

Wash all removable parts with warm soapy water and rinse under running water after each use.


A brown residue may build up in the base of the sterilizer, this is iron separated from the steamed water, but it's simple to clean and isn't harmful.