The Difference Between Pampers: Swaddlers & Cruisers

With an aisle of diaper products to choose from, you may be confused about what is best for your baby. Pampers is a well-known brand with several options depending on your baby's age, size and activity level. Two of the company's choices are Swaddlers and Cruisers. Both diapers feature Pampers' Dry Max technology with a comfortable fit, but they are used during different stages of your baby's growth.

Ages and Sizes

Pampers Swaddlers come in sizes most appropriate for babies up to 22 lbs. They come in six sizes: PI, XS, N, 1, 2 and 3. The two smallest sizes are for premature or very small babies of less than 6 lbs., while "N" is for newborns and has a special notch cut out to allow the umbilical cord to heal. Pampers Cruisers are for larger babies ranging from 16 to 41 lbs. and over. Cruisers' sizes are 3 to 7.

Activity Level

Babies who aren't very active yet will do fine with Swaddlers. Cruisers diapers, however, are intended for the active baby. The sides of Cruisers are stretchy and flexible to move with your baby without bunching up, and the thinner design makes moving about more comfortable for your baby.


Most sizes of Swaddlers and Cruisers use Pampers' Dry Max technology. The Dry Max material in the diaper makes it twice as absorbent as competing brands, according to the Pampers website. The diapers that don't use the Dry Max material are the PI- and XS-size Swaddlers and the size-7 Cruisers.


As a diaper for a younger baby, Swaddlers include a sensitive version for delicate skin. This gentle and hypoallergenic diaper has aloe and a quilted design to provide maximum softness. The newborn size of the sensitive Swaddlers also has a notch that is pre-cut for umbilical cord care. The Cruisers version does not have the similar sensitive option.