Decision Making Games for Kids

Making responsible decisions is an important part of growing up. Children who learn good decision-making skills at an early age are more likely to avoid trouble while growing up, and to make better decisions as adults 1. Introducing young children and teens to fun and interesting decision-making games can help prepare them for the difficult choices that lie ahead for them as they mature 1.

Shorething Online Games

Shorething is a website for children that encourages decision-making skills while promoting water safety through several online interactive games 12. Kids can play quiz games online that present certain problems, with a multiple choice list of possible solutions. When a child chooses a possible solution, he is shown what the outcome of his decision may be. For instance: "What to do if your dog is drowning?" Possible answers would include, "Dive in and save him," "Call your parents," and "Call the coast guard," with each answer linked to a possible consequence of his actions. Other decision-making game themes on the site include choosing the proper materials to build a boat, and what items to take on a boating trip for safe sailing 1.

The Choice Game

The Choice Game is an exercise in making good decisions that is most appropriate for pre-teens and adolescents. Many popular celebrities like Joe Mantegna, Stephen Baldwin and Malcolm-Jamal Warner have contributed their time and support to The Choice Game by visiting schools and participating with students. Using a pre-written script in a theater-like setting, kids act out everyday scenarios that require smart decision-making skills to avoid undesirable consequences. Topics of the acting game can include family life, drugs and alcohol abuse and experimentation, sexual activity and teen pregnancy.

Swamp Cross

Swamp Cross encourages teamwork while players band together to make group decisions. The game requires considerable space and may be better played outdoors. Select a clear area that is at least 50 feet long to act as your imaginary "swamp." Assemble a team of six players, who will be required to cross the swamp using four milk crates and two 8-foot-long 2-inch by 12-inch boards to create a bridge. All six players must successfully cross the swamp without touching the ground. Because the bridge is 16 feet long and the swamp is much longer, the team must decide how to work together to lengthen the bridge without anyone stepping off and touching the ground.

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