Crafts & Games for a Kids' Beach Luau Birthday

You don't have to live near a beach to throw a luau-themed birthday party for your child. A few grass-skirted tables, plastic palm trees and fruity non-alcoholic beverages in the backyard can easily set the tone for the party. It is the activities and games that will really make your child's luau-themed party a success. Choose kid-friendly arts and crafts that keep with the luau theme and plan a variety of related games, ensuring that all the kids will find something exciting to do at the party.

Beach Sand Art

For an easy sand art projects, give the kids a large variety of colored sand and plastic sand art bottles in various shapes for the kids to fill with the sand. Have scoops and funnels to help the kids get the sand into the bottles. For another sand art activity, give the kids construction paper and non-toxic school glue. Have the kids draw on their paper with the glue. They could make a beach scene or any other type of scene or design they would like. The kids can then pour colored sand onto the done then shake the excess off the paper. Make sure the kids work on one part of their picture at a time with the colored sand so that the colors don't mix. For instance, if a child wants to make a flower with pink petals, she would first make the petals with glue and add the pink sand, then should would draw the stem and add green sand.

Make a Lei

To make simple paper leis, cut out small paper flower petals from bright colored construction paper -- at least 10 or more per child, and hole punch the middle of each. Cut drinking straws into one-inch pieces as well. Give each child a long piece of yearn with a knot on one end. Have the kids alternate stringing the drink straw pieces and the flowers onto the yarn until they get close to the end of the string. Make sure they leave enough room to be able to tie the necklaces around their necks. You can also use craft foam instead of construction paper to make the lei flowers.

Hula Dance Free and Hula Hoop Race

Have the kids play a hula version of freeze dance. Play Hawaiian music and show the kids how to do the basic hula moves. The kids must freeze in whatever position they are in when the music stops. Any kid caught still moving after the must stops is out for the round. For another hula game, the kids can have a hula hoop race. The kids must walk from one end of the party area to the other while moving a hula hoop around their waist. Anyone who drops the hula hoop or grabs it with his hands has to start from the beginning. The first child successfully across the finish line wins.

Other Luau-themed Games

Divide the kids into teams for a Hawaiian shirt relay. For each team, place a pile of over-sized Hawaiian shirts several yards away. When the race stars, the first child for each teams runs to their pile, puts a shirt on and races back, then the second child goes and does the same thing. When all the kids on a team have a Hawaiian shirt on they must take off their shirts and put them all on one of their team members to wins. For another game, you could send the kids on a luau-themed scavenger hunt in the backyard. Hide items such as leis, a pineapple, flip flops, a paper palm tree and a grass skirt. Have the kids, in pairs, race to find as many items as they can in an allotted time.