Cinnamon Stick Crafts for Preschoolers

When it comes to making crafts with children, you can get creative with just about anything you might have on hand in your home, such as cinnamon sticks. Work with your preschooler to make simple cinnamon stick crafts that you can use for decoration, while also adding a light fragrance to your home.

Cinnamon Stick Animals

To make a reindeer cinnamon stick, help your preschooler paint two tiny eyes onto the stick and glue a small red pom-pom ball underneath for the nose. Give her two brown pipe cleaners to stick into the top of the cinnamon stick for the antlers. You can also give her two more pipe cleaners to wrap around the middle and bottom of the cinnamon stick for the legs. For a butterfly cinnamon stick, give your child long pieces of colorful pipe cleaner to wrap around the stick and shape into wings. Use black pipe cleaners for the antennas.


For the Christmas holiday, you can have your child make a cinnamon-stick star ornament for the Christmas tree. You can either help your toddler use twine to tie the cinnamon sticks together in a star shape, or you can using a strong, non-toxic white glue. If you use the glue, hold the craft sticks together until it hardens. Your preschooler can then cover the star with glitter glue and tie a string at the top for hanging. You can help your preschooler make a simple cross ornament, using twine to wrap two sticks together in the cross shape. Tie a decorate bow onto the cross, as well.

Candle Holder Decorations

Purchase a tall candle to decorate with cinnamon sticks. Using non-toxic white glue, have your child add even-sized pieces of cinnamon sticks all around the sides of the candle. Make sure they fit close together. You can also glue the cinnamon sticks to a simple vase. Wrap a thick decorative bow around the cinnamon sticks, once you have glued them to the vase. Alternatively, douse the cinnamon sticks in glitter glue before sticking them onto the vase.

Other Decorations

Help your preschooler make a cinnamon stick wreath. Cut out a cardboard ring shape for the base. Give your child even-sized pieces of cinnamon sticks to glue all around the cardboard, using the liquid glue. When the glue has fully dried, tie a string around the wreath for hanging. She can also make cute cinnamon stick coasters for holding drinks. Give your child two long pieces of colorful yarn and tie them near the top of a cinnamon stick, then repeat with two other pieces of yarn near the bottom. Tie a knot at the top and bottom, than help your child tie the string to another cinnamon stick at the top. Continue to add more cinnamon sticks until you have a decent-sized coaster.