Church Easter Crafts for Children

For Christians, Easter is the celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the dead after He was crucified. If you are a Christian family looking for ways to emphasize Jesus during Easter, kid-friendly crafts are a creative way to teach your child the Christian Easter story.

Cross Crafts

To make a stained glass cross, glue torn pieces of colorful tissue paper between two sheets of wax paper, shaped into a cross. Another idea is to make a cross using two wooden craft sticks glued together. Your child can paint the sticks and cut out a heart to paste to the middle of the cross. To make a spring flower cross, cut out a cross shape from cardboard and have your child crumble up tissue paper in bright spring colors and glue the pieces to the cross.

Lamb Crafts

To represent Jesus as the Lamb of God, draw a lamb outline on a piece of construction paper and give your child cotton balls to fill in the shape. Have her color the face part black and add a googly eye. To make a paper plate lamb face, have your child cut out a circle from black construction paper that fits the inside of a paper plate; glue to the plate. Let your child add googly eyes, use white crayon to make a snout and glue cotton balls around the rim of the plate.

Tomb Crafts

Work with your child to recreate Jesus' tomb. To make a paper plate tomb, your child can draw a picture of Jesus on a plate and cover it with a second grey paper plate, with the middle cut out of it. Paint the circle that was cut out grey on both sides and use tape to attach it back to the middle. Your child can then "roll" the stone away to reveal Jesus. You can also help your child make a tomb out of salt dough, by combining flour, salt and water. Shape the dough into a mound, cutting out an entrance, and roll another piece of salt dough into a round ball for the stone. Have your child paint both grey and leave it overnight to dry and harden.

Easter Lily Crafts

Easter lilies are used commonly in churches on Easter to represent Jesus and his resurrection. For a hand print Easter lily, trace your child's hand on white card stock and cut it out. Curl the finger ends to create a flower look and wrap it around a green drinking straw, which is the stem, using tape to secure. Make a stamen out of a yellow pipe cleaner shaped into a "V," and stick the folded end inside of the green straw. To make an Easter lily entirely out of pipe cleaners, shape several white pipe cleaners into a lily shape and wrap around a green pipe cleaner stem. Make several and "plant" these Easter lilies in a pot with floral foam.

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