Chronological Order Activities for Kids

Meriam-Webster's student dictionary for kids defines "chronology" as "the science that deals with measuring time and dating events." Give your child a head start in preparing for future history examinations with early practice in chronological order 35. Further strengthen her skills in reasoning by having her evaluate a sequence of events to determine the correct order. Train your child to hunt for transition word clues that provide a logical flow of events.

Story Timelines

Give your child practice in logic and reasoning by having him rearrange a story line to the correct chronological order 34. Cut apart children’s cartoon strips out of castoff newspapers or download sequential story sheets from Arrange the pictures out of order and prompt your child to place them in the correct sequence of events. For a similar activity, help your child discover the chain of cause-and-effect with downloadable timelines or clip art showing a series of drawings. Search for images like a tree growing from a stick or a cookie plate slowly emptying until it's just crumbs. Ask your child to determine which picture comes first, second, third and fourth.

Follow the Leader

Adapt the classic game of “follow the leader” to add an element of chronological order practice 34. Have each kid in line add another movement to the one before until the teammates have to remember 10 motions in a row. While the children are giggling their way through the game, they will be increasing their motor skills development and memory growth. As another variation, instruct the children to merge the games of "follow the leader" and "charades" into one so that they are telling a continuous story through motions.


A recipe provides an immediate and tangible proof of the importance of maintaining chronological order. If a young cook neglects to mix the wet ingredients before adding them to the dry ingredients, a glutinous lump may result. Use a child's cookbook to select a simple recipe for the practice session, and involve your child in assembling the individual ingredients. Watch as she follows the directions to ensure she is keeping the proper order.


Use classic children’s songs to practice chronological order in a way that will strengthen your child’s memory skills 34. In “The Yodeler,” a traditional campfire song, participants add cumulative sound effects and motions while telling the story through song. As the narrative progresses from the cuckoo bird to the milking maid to her father, singers have to remember an ever-lengthening string of motions and sounds with each verse. Another traditional song, “The Green Grass Grows All Around” similarly takes singers through a list of nature elements from the roots of the tree to the feather on the wing of a bird 2. The ten progressive verses provide children with practice in remembering lists in order.