Children's Stained Glass Christmas Tree Activities

Your child likely loves arts and crafts time, and it's the perfect opportunity for you to bond with him. The Christmas holiday season includes lots of time at home during winter break, plus homemade gifts are a thoughtful way to spread holiday cheer. Use this time to make stained glass activities in the shape of a Christmas tree or stained glass Christmas tree decorations. These translucent, gleaming tree projects will delight your youngster and keep her busy.

Home Decorations

Kids love decorating the home with hand-crafted decorations. Cut wax paper into a tree shape, then your child can add tissue paper to make a design. Use green strips for the tree, and various shapes and colors for the ornament and topper. Hang the tree in a window with lots of light exposure. Make a glowing stained glass decoration with any clear glass container, such as a mason jar, glass craft cube or an empty candle holder. Have your child glue pieces of stained glass with glass glue. Once the glass tree design is dry, add a string of lights or a candle to the container so the stained glass design glows.

Baked Goods

Kids love baking tasty holiday treats. Make stained glass cookies by cutting tree shapes out of sugar cookie dough. Have your child cut a smaller tree out of the cookie, and place a hard candy in the hole. When the cookie bakes, the candy melts down to make what looks like colored glass. Kids can use fruit cake or bread with candied fruit baked in to make stained glass trees. Simply lay out the slices and cut a tree shape out of each slice. These snacks are ideal for a holiday get-together.

Christmas Cards

Kids can make their own Christmas cards to present to loved ones. Fold a piece of colored paper in half for the card, then cut a window in a tree shape on the front. Kids can stick a piece of book film with the sticky side facing out of the window, then use black yarn to "draw" designs on the tree, like ornaments and light strings. Sprinkle glitter in the open spaces, making sure to not leave any exposed sticky areas. Another option is to glue wax paper to the tree window, then decorate the wax paper window with tissue paper ornaments and colors.

Stained Glass Ornaments

A stained glass ornament will sparkle on the tree. On a glass ornament, your kid can secure pieces of sea glass with glass glue; maybe adding some sparkly beads for extra flair. Another option is to glue pieces of broken CDs, silver side facing out, to a glass ornament. Although it won't be clear like traditional stained glass, the CD pieces will shine beautifully in the light. Melt pony beads in designs to make clear, colored ornaments. Kids can arrange the beads in Christmas shapes like trees or Santa on tin pie pans. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes, or until the beads melt together.