Children's Crafts Using Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are not just a girl's best friend; they are also a wonderful shape for inspiring creativity and artistic expression among kids young and old. Whether you are young or young-at-heart, there will always be something inspiring that you can create from diamond shapes if you use your imagination. Try out some fun and delightful diamond-shaped crafts you can do with your youngster.


Incorporate diamonds into your craft time by making kites together. Create a "t" with thin wooden dowels and cover the shape with a plastic bag -- which will make your kite wind-resistant -- and then cover the plastic with fabric, construction paper or nylon. Glue on some colorful yarn or thread to make kite strings, and voila! You now have colorful kites that you can both enjoy flying together at the park or the beach on a windy day. If the weather's not quite perfect for kite flying, don't worry. You and your youngster can still enjoy your creations by hanging the kites on her bedroom wall for some unique, handmade wall art.

Diamond Mosaic Art

Help your child make colorful pictures of her favorite animals, cartoon characters or flowers. Just sketch out the pictures onto large sheets of paper or use coloring book pages instead. Help your child cut out small diamond shapes from different colored construction paper and then fill in the picture outlines with the diamonds to create a mosaic. If you'd rather not hand over the scissors just yet, you can cut out the diamond shapes ahead of time, use a diamond-shaped hole punch or pick up small foam diamond shapes from the craft store. Watch your child's eyes light up as your design comes alive with color. Then, preserve its beauty and the wonderful memories you spent making it together by having her mosaic art framed. Now your child has a masterpiece she can proudly hang in her room.

Fabric Diamond Crafts

Argyle socks have diamond shapes in them, making them a perfect addition to your diamond-themed crafts. For art's sake, take out your old but colorful (and hopefully not smelly) argyle socks from the bottom of your sock drawer. Put them to good use for your child by teaching him how to make sock puppets. Help bring out his creativity by having him use different materials in making argyle sock puppets. Sew or glue on diamond-shaped buttons for the eyes and nose, and make a diamond-shaped mouth from yarn. Then, have him create a fun and entertaining skit using his sock puppets. You can also help your child make a plush, diamond-shaped friend for his bed. Just cut out two diamond shapes from felt or fabric, use cotton batting for the stuffing and sew the two shapes together. Give the new stuffy a face with diamond-shaped adornments and sew on felt or fabric arms and legs.

Diamond Painting

If your child has only ever painted with hands and paintbrushes, it's time to introduce him to a new, crafty art instrument. Cut out diamond shapes of various sizes from sponges. Dip them in different paint colors and stamp them on some paper to create a bright and colorful collage. You can show your child a brand new use for potatoes by cutting these into diamond shapes for painting stamps instead. For a fresher idea and a more enjoyable activity with your kids, use potatoes instead. You can even turn this simple craft into an exciting T-shirt decorating project by dipping the diamond-shaped sponges or potato stamps into non-toxic fabric paints and decorating a plain white shirt.