Children's Activities for Corporal Works of Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy are meant to be the guiding principles for Catholics for performing acts of charity 12. These principles include feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless, visiting the sick, visiting those in prison and burying the dead, according to Children can learn about these acts in the context of treating others the way that Jesus calls them to do in the New Testament of the Bible.

Feeding the Hungry

Preparing food for your family and friends is included as part of the first Corporal Work of Mercy, according to 12. Although children will learn the importance of cooking meals to feed the family, you can show your child how to feed the hungry in other ways, too. Take your child to serve a meal at a soup kitchen or take her to the grocery store and ask her fill a basket the store will then donate to a food bank. Have your child help prepare a meal for a shut-in at your church or for a family that has a new baby and then take her along to deliver the food.

Giving Drink to the Thirsty

Some people, such as the homeless, don't always have access to clean drinking water, and the second Corporal Work of Mercy instructs Catholics to provide water for people who are in need of water. Speak to your child about the importance of having water for survival and then take her to the store to purchase bottled water she can hand out at a homeless shelter. Your child can give drink to the thirsty by giving the mail carrier a bottle of cold water on a hot summer day or your child can leave bottles of cold water for your town’s trash collectors.

Clothing the Naked

The third Corporal Work of Mercy instructs Catholics to give clothes to the naked 1. Integrate this into your child's life by having her collect clothes she doesn't want or those she has outgrown to donate to charity. If you know a family at your church or community who is struggling to make ends meet, your child can fulfill this work by giving the unwanted clothes to that family.

Providing Shelter for the Homeless

Although you don't want your child to invite random people to stay in your home, you can teach her about this fourth Corporal Work of Mercy in other ways. Your child can set up a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to a homeless shelter or she can collect gently used blankets to donate to the shelter. Volunteering at the homeless shelter is another way your child can carry out this work.

Visiting the Sick

Taking your child to visit sick family members or friends is a simple way to carry out the fifth Corporal Work of Mercy. You can take your child to visit children who are in a hospital cancer ward or you can take her to visit shut-ins. Your child can also pray for sick people around the world.

Visiting the Imprisoned

Since prison isn't a place for children, your child can pray for imprisoned people and their families instead. Your child can make donations to prison outreach programs and can encourage your pastor to visit prisoners.

Burying the Dead

Most children aren't involved in the act of burying the dead, but your child can visit a cemetery where loved ones are buried and where your child can bring flowers to place on the loved one’s grave. Attending funerals for loved ones is another rite that children can do that incorporates this seventh Corporal Work of Mercy into their lives to help them remember their family and friends who have passed on.

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