Cheerleading Cheers for Kids

Being a cheerleader, no matter what age or grade, is harder than it looks. High school cheerleading typically involves athletic skill. Cheer camps are offered to squads and to kids preparing to tryout. Some elementary and middle schools have cheerleaders, as do community and church-based athletic teams. If your child has cheerleading aspirations, she, or he, may enjoy learning some cheers that are easy to remember, catchy, short and versatile. When you teach your child the cheers, stress the value of motivating the team and the fans by singing the cheers out loud and clear.

Cookies 'n Cream

If your child is learning cheers for tryouts, make sure she had a good level of fitness. Being a cheerleader requires stamina, energy and often involve gymnastics and dance. A catchy opening cheer to try from is: 12

"Cookies, cookies, Cookies’ n cream, Whats the point of the other team? Nothing, nothing, Nothing at all! They just can’t play ball!"

Quick 'n Easy

Putting together a cheerleading squad of young kids is fun. What better way for kids to use up excess energy and learn teamwork than by cheerleading? When you’re teaching your kids the cheers, also remind them to smile. Along with a good cheer, a smile is contagious. A quick and easy cheer to get the fans going is:

"Push’em back, Push’em back, Way back."

Another one from is: 12

"No biggy, No sweat, This game ain’t over yet!" Repeat several times.

Heads Up

Cheering for your team requires keeping an eye on the playing field. Teach your cheerleaders to know what their team is doing. Are they winning or losing? Are they on defense or offense? Knowing where their team stands will help them keep the fans pumped. This cheer is easy to learn and versatile 12.

"Run it down the field, Only one shot. Step it up and give it all you got!"

Another version:

"Skate it down the ice, Only one shot. Step it up and give it all you got!"


"Kick it in the goal, Only one shot. Step it up and give it all you got!"

In It to Win It

To help your kids' cheerleading routine look seamless, practice, practice, practice. Get in the mix, and cheer with them. Putting together a seamless and confident routine is as important as the cheer itself. This cheer from is a bit longer, but lots of fun to do 12.

“Here we go (team name), here we go!
Here we go (team name), here we go!
Let's go, Let`s fight, Let's win, Alright! W-I-N, shout it loud. W-I-N, make some noise. ‘Cause the (team name) are gonna fight tonight! Whoo!”